New Column

As a part of the most recent generation to become adults I often find myself in the discourse around movies at a disadvantage. Sure, every generation has to play catch-up with some of the cultural touchstones of past generations, but I get the feeling that the fetishization of nerd culture does not make things easier for Generation Z.

Previous generations did have to catch up on a lot, but none of them lived in a time where it was never easier to make a movie. Now being the “Golden Age of Television” really does not make things easier.

It is obvious that nobody can rewatch all classics of previous decades and keep up with what’s in theaters now, but finding gems from the past is a rather nice experience. This being my anonymous outlet for oversharing my thoughts on movies I thought this would make a nice column.

More or less regularly I will post about “old” (released before 2000) movies I watched for the first time.

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