Emily Blunt Torture Porn

PSA: Do not buy any popcorn before watching A Quiet Place. Any investment besides something to drink is pointless since you will end up eating none of what you bought. A Quiet Place is part of the new wave of high-concept horror by talented filmmakers with a clear vision that also brought us last years […]

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The Ritual

February is a big month for genre fans on Netflix. Just last Monday the streaming service released, to everyone’s surprise, the latest installment of the Cloverfield franchise and on February, 23rd Duncan Jones’ Mute and Alexander Garland’s Annihilation will get their release. But not only sci-fi fans will come to enjoy some of the good […]

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The Cloverfield Paradox

The movies that are the most disappointing are the movies you had the greatest expectations for. So, when I woke up yesterday morning and saw the news that Netflix had surprisingly dropped the latest installment of the Cloverfield franchise, I was hyped. The whole day during school I couldn’t stop thinking about what this movie […]

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